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Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
on the designs of the structure. the nation is more heavily committed than ever to renewable energy initiatives. environmentally friendly opened it up. my shoes. what a creep. city blessed with extensive forest some green resources. he's recreate itself is a community based on region. as you. the city was constructed between on the apartment every time you wince preview for seventy two sqm site. my she currently has fourteen one megawatt wind turbine providing power for about thirty thousand. the city has also started generating electricity from one of us mixing biomass from local forest scenes together with fossil fuels and cities thermal power station. help reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions. all material is wood chips timber produced by tricky listening to local parks. the same time as conserving and protecting the woodlands. this process makes effective use of the resources boom since the construction that. which is the facility has also been taken within the city. lic has been quite the praise for this business model to create strong based on local resource resort. with an output of o
Dec 7, 2013 5:30am PST
will be a reason to push high poaching enterprises with a high energy consumption to parts of it discharges into trouble the municipal government or who plan to contribute or numbers on the indicated a willingness for steel production is cut by sixty million pounds into my five years. that on a lighter note nintendo's famous video game to the super mario brothers of come out of the magical kingdom and found their way onto the wall of an elementary school and she and dad. the massive new reel was finished this october. it takes up the tile wall of a five storey school building it was constructed on the myth of the school's curriculum focuses on animation and comics and also as artistic work designed to inspire children. as mario jobs over the obstacles in his path without the aid students are encouraged to do the same in their lives. and that's news update for now and can do to be saying thank you want to be in the national weather forecast is next and we'll have more news at the top the us and it is. session. says the rule. and six. it was when we. it's a saturday night you're in japan wel
Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
banking energy infrastructure information technology and healthcare. there were also three hundred chinese delegates from a chinese company. and i hit the summit in vehicles with that interested in wealth generation and generation. my curious and in the uk. china relationship is developing with very excited to be signing agreements with the standardization minister to china today. which is on the me too it makes good business and its method they use it on to stick with the countries in trade between the two countries and on business here in china via cycle it is sad to go off to work with and says that the country said to greg ups didn't expect that one and you just see what new steps camera will take the time education cooperation. this is the frisbee that that day the camera and tended and eighteen h on a uk business and that is the highest a double checked to see between the two countries. this here there are discussions on infrastructure to deal a new clean power corporation investment in the uk healthcare and others. all activities are expected to help to cut its trade and economic re
Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
companies to invest in ukraine's infrastructure tourism telecommunications and the energy sector and tell us about a policy support chinese vice premier ma tei said there are ongoing projects between china and ukraine. these projects are under support of the chinese loan for agriculture and infrastructure including light rail our plans for an aviation bill. china's second largest trading partner of ukraine after russia. mott encourage ukraine to increase promotion and export more high tech and high added value goods to china the forum was attended by three hundred fifty delegates from both countries. five agreements were also signed between chinese and ukraine companies. ukrainian president periodical each is almost four day visit here that china is keeping the political unrest at home a number of deals are expected to be signed earlier we spoke to correspond with shu who was at each of the ukraine trade forum in beijing attended by the press the first event that savagery an outcome which it ended in beijing insists that here late wednesday. he's scheduled to meet china's top legislator dumb
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)